We used to be Friends- The Dandy Warhols

Let’s talk about friendship today!

We meet a stranger, eyes twinkle, conscience turns into a critique, we make opinions about each other and then the universe connects an invisible line between you two- So much for the first impressions. Sometimes, this line is strong, making you desire to start a talk; sometimes, it’s weak, making you to bow down and blatantly ignore each other.

Recently, we celebrated Friendship day – On 30-July-2020!! 

The whole world had two questions-

  1. Google-is it Sunday today?
  2. How to celebrate Friendship’s day without actually meeting your Friends?#quarantinesucks

Growing up, staying in touch with childhood friends is tough. Priorities change, Work life meddles and worst-case scenario, Your Ego comes in between. But is it really easy to renounce the bonds you created? There will a one moment that would take you back to all of it and all you can do is Smile!

The Dandy Warhols wrote this song over one such strayed friend who broke all contact with him , over a stupid misunderstanding. The incident was so completely bizarre, sad and idiotic to the band member that he couldn’t get the feeling out of his mind. Hence, this song was born.

“We used to be friends” is a fun, alternative rock themed song which takes you back to the carefree days of high-school and still makes you sad for the lost moment. You’d want to head-bang to it and also feel mushy about it. The song has garnered fame for being used as the theme song in “Veronica Mars”, which IMO very aptly selected. For me, the crux of this song’s lyrics is the fact they acknowledged the depth of their friendship and also silently wish to reconnect.

If ever again

A greeting I send to you

Short and sweet to the soul I intend

I hope this song helps you pick up that phone and connect to your lost friend. This pandemic has both us six-feet apart physically; let it not do so emotionally as well. 

Cheers to Friendship Everywhere- whether it’s International Friendship day or merely Friendship Day🤣

You may listen to this song here-

We Used To Be Friends


If they come back, keep them forever; if they don’t, Move on! 


  1. I remember you explaining songs to me in college and now you have taken it to a whole new level. For the reader in me, I must confess, reading this is much better before listening to the song. Keep it up teekay. Waiting for next !!


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