Top 5 songs for Valentine’s Day

The Lovey-Dovey day has dawned!

No matter whether you are celebrating it with your ‘Significant other’ at some fancy diner or you are a recent member of the ‘I hate Valentine’s Day” brigade, eating fries, watching HBO while swiping through Tindle. Here, are some of the songs to set the mood right for you…  Continue reading “Top 5 songs for Valentine’s Day”

❤️One Lovely Blog Award❤️

                 I have always commended the socializing advantage of starting a blog on WordPress. Working with WordPress or in fact just starting to blog, introduced me to such amazing people who are not only proficient writers but also wonderful human beings. Therefore, even a minute opportunity to connect with these extremely talented people here , I never let go! Continue reading “❤️One Lovely Blog Award❤️”

Me, My hair and I – Elizabeth Benedict

                  I feel that February is that month of the year when all the sexes take personal grooming seriously. It feels very fortunate that during this time of the year, I come across this book. I am a skeptical person when it comes to exploring genres such as autobiography or memoirs. Continue reading “Me, My hair and I – Elizabeth Benedict”

Girls Chase Boys-Ingrid Michaelson

       College days are always the best time of life. In-between studies, lectures and assignments, we maneuver delicate intricacies of the relationship dynamics. It’s that time, while figuring out what we want to do in life, we also stumble upon the question – who we really are? The choices we make , the relationships we build, the people we come across,  in a form of a friend, a lover, a teacher, a parent or a belief; all turn out being some important decisions in life later! Continue reading “Girls Chase Boys-Ingrid Michaelson”

Amnesia – 5 Seconds of Summer

             I’ve always wondered how easy it is for someone to end a relationship. Reading about celebrity breakup every time I pick up ‘The Bombay Times’, it’s curious to know whether it is all a publicity stunt or are they are just helpless puppets of the glitzy glam world. Continue reading “Amnesia – 5 Seconds of Summer”