Long Live the Prince!

                It would be under statement to say that Harry Potter was my favorite series during my teenage years. Harry Potter was my LIFE – my parallel universe wherein I existed amongst the characters. Continue reading “Long Live the Prince!”


The Heart wants want it wants- Selena Gomez

          I have said this before and I’m saying this again, I truly like a song with good lyrics. Especially when the lyrics is close to the singer’s heart! It puts the music to a whole new level. Continue reading “The Heart wants want it wants- Selena Gomez”

The Value of a Gift

Alas! Christmas is over. But the best part after Christmas is searching through the presents we got. Continue reading “The Value of a Gift”

Top 10 Music – 2015

Introducing my Top 10 Music favs this year… Continue reading “Top 10 Music – 2015”

Blind Love

Touched by this Story… Indeed ‘Love Is Blind”….


How often we have heard this phrase, “Love is blind”?

In a group of friends, we had a lot of jokes on this expression. Since many of the lads have never been in a relation, so when they see a decent guy with a girl who is beautiful, they say “Love is blind”. 😀

For me,
Love is blind, when we don’t care how a person looks or how annoying they are, all we do is Love them unconditionally. 🙂

Here is a small story I came across,
Few days back in a cold foggy morning, I saw two people sitting next to each other outside the center court of the coffee halt. They look just like some other girl and a boy on this planet. But there was one uncommon thing in those two people sitting together. They were constantly facing towards the bushes, with one hand together. 🙂 They…

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Till it Happens to You- Lady Gaga

   To me, Lady Gaga is the queen of modern pop culture. She is eccentric, vivacious and a tad bit crazy! Her ‘Bad romance, ‘Poker face’ days were remarked as the best era in pop culture music industry. Continue reading “Till it Happens to You- Lady Gaga”

Just like Fate-Suzanne Young and Cat Patrick

             Sorry for keeping this section blank for a long time. I was debating whether I wanted to make this section a review/spoiler or something people would visit for book recommendations. But then decided, it’s a take; my take on a book I enjoyed. So, which was the book I enjoyed the most reading? Continue reading “Just like Fate-Suzanne Young and Cat Patrick”