Desire – Years and Years

                          Loves me, loves me not, Loves me, loves me not-The number of destroyed rose petals in this foolish indulgence of a dilemmatic heart can vouch for the turmoil between repercussions and reasoning.

But can their be a genuine explanation for an individual’s feeling?🤔 Continue reading “Desire – Years and Years”


Girls Chase Boys-Ingrid Michaelson

       College days are always the best time of life. In-between studies, lectures and assignments, we maneuver delicate intricacies of the relationship dynamics. It’s that time, while figuring out what we want to do in life, we also stumble upon the question – who we really are? The choices we make , the relationships we build, the people we come across,  in a form of a friend, a lover, a teacher, a parent or a belief; all turn out being some important decisions in life later! Continue reading “Girls Chase Boys-Ingrid Michaelson”

Amnesia – 5 Seconds of Summer

             I’ve always wondered how easy it is for someone to end a relationship. Reading about celebrity breakup every time I pick up ‘The Bombay Times’, it’s curious to know whether it is all a publicity stunt or are they are just helpless puppets of the glitzy glam world. Continue reading “Amnesia – 5 Seconds of Summer”

The Heart wants want it wants- Selena Gomez

          I have said this before and I’m saying this again, I truly like a song with good lyrics. Especially when the lyrics is close to the singer’s heart! It puts the music to a whole new level. Continue reading “The Heart wants want it wants- Selena Gomez”

Till it Happens to You- Lady Gaga

   To me, Lady Gaga is the queen of modern pop culture. She is eccentric, vivacious and a tad bit crazy! Her ‘Bad romance, ‘Poker face’ days were remarked as the best era in pop culture music industry. Continue reading “Till it Happens to You- Lady Gaga”

Chemical Dizzy- The Casket Girls

                 Approximately a year ago, during one of my many lazy nights spent watching YouTube videos, I came across a young, talented duo girl band called The Casket Girls. The name of the band so intrigued me that I silently hoped they screamed about fantasy creatures making love to each other! Continue reading “Chemical Dizzy- The Casket Girls”