Me, My hair and I – Elizabeth Benedict

                  I feel that February is that month of the year when all the sexes take personal grooming seriously. It feels very fortunate that during this time of the year, I come across this book. I am a skeptical person when it comes to exploring genres such as autobiography or memoirs. Continue reading “Me, My hair and I – Elizabeth Benedict”


Corrupt-Penelope Douglas

‘You are my creator, But I am your Master’ – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

This quote at the beginning of this book accurately sums up the story within it. Continue reading “Corrupt-Penelope Douglas”

Long Live the Prince!

                It would be under statement to say that Harry Potter was my favorite series during my teenage years. Harry Potter was my LIFE – my parallel universe wherein I existed amongst the characters. Continue reading “Long Live the Prince!”

Just like Fate-Suzanne Young and Cat Patrick

             Sorry for keeping this section blank for a long time. I was debating whether I wanted to make this section a review/spoiler or something people would visit for book recommendations. But then decided, it’s a take; my take on a book I enjoyed. So, which was the book I enjoyed the most reading? Continue reading “Just like Fate-Suzanne Young and Cat Patrick”