An artistic streak of Mumbai

             Mumbai has made its mark on the Globe for being one of the most coveted cities of the world. With its slum dog etiquette, publicized by extravagant bereft souls, to the insurmountable unity, shown by the crucible people, while annihilating the intervention of the natural enemies, the city has its own Gangnam style to boast about. 👯

Still like every ‘Mumbaikar’, I love this city in all it’s 50 shades of grey!

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Long Live the Prince!

                It would be under statement to say that Harry Potter was my favorite series during my teenage years. Harry Potter was my LIFE – my parallel universe wherein I existed amongst the characters. Continue reading “Long Live the Prince!”

The Value of a Gift

Alas! Christmas is over. But the best part after Christmas is searching through the presents we got. Continue reading “The Value of a Gift”

Blind Love

Touched by this Story… Indeed ‘Love Is Blind”….


How often we have heard this phrase, “Love is blind”?

In a group of friends, we had a lot of jokes on this expression. Since many of the lads have never been in a relation, so when they see a decent guy with a girl who is beautiful, they say “Love is blind”. 😀

For me,
Love is blind, when we don’t care how a person looks or how annoying they are, all we do is Love them unconditionally. 🙂

Here is a small story I came across,
Few days back in a cold foggy morning, I saw two people sitting next to each other outside the center court of the coffee halt. They look just like some other girl and a boy on this planet. But there was one uncommon thing in those two people sitting together. They were constantly facing towards the bushes, with one hand together. 🙂 They…

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