Hello everybody, Welcome to my online space!!!

My Story

My name is Tanvi Karkera aka TeeKay. I’m a budding blogger with a passion towards music. Over the years, I’ve made curated music playlists for my friends and always introduced them to new artists. I love discovering new music, decoding the lyrics and learn more about what made the artist think that. There are so many artists, music genres, styles and tunes out there, which you might listen to but not definitely enjoy. I want to make this experience a memorable one for my readers and hence present to The TeeKay Take.

ASK SOMEONE about their music choices, and they just might tell you the story of their life

What’s with the Name?

As I present my take on music, I thought of calling my website- The TeeKay Take. TeeKay, which now you know is my initials. 

What I do?

Every Sunday, I pick a song and decode it for you. Who created that song? How did the artist come up with this? What made me connect to the music? Why I liked it? Why I disliked it? It’s mostly my take on the song and why it stayed with me. I strongly believe that a good song is something you can associate a memory with, something that connects to you in a way that you can’t express, a good song is something which stays with you even after it ends!!

This space is targeted to be discussion ground for readers who find music as an escape to this world. Together, let’s delve into what’s new on charts, We’ll explore new music, immerse in the sound and inspire one another.

To each their own opinion and I aspire my viewers to share their thoughts in the comments sections of my posts. 

Finally, this is my take, The TeeKay Take- What’s your take? 

Every music blog needs a curated playlist. Please click here to find mine.

You may send me song recommendations here.