A little bit Alexis-Annie Murphy

In celebration of Emmy Awards-2020 tonight, today’s post is dedicated to my favourite character on television- Alexis Claire Rose from Schitt’s creek!

“I don’t want to brag, but Us Weekly once described me as ‘up for anything.’” —Alexis Rose

What can I say? She is a total bébé!!! 

Initially starting out as an aloof, ditzy and self-absorbed celebutante who landed in a hell-hole called the Schitt’s creek, she embraced this adversity with her charming personality and brutal honesty. I think she was the first character to accept her new life and look towards it, as a chance to rebuild herself. Let’s be honest, it was more because of her attraction towards Mutt and then Ted.

Throughout the series, she talks about her extravagant adventures from Somalia to Saudi Arabia and string of celebrity boyfriends, which even includes Prince Harry!

Alexis: “I know that we just met but if Prince Harry trusted me with his life, then I think you can too.”

Overtime, she transformed into a more confident, incredibly kindhearted, thoughtful, passionate women which I totally connected with. She evolved as a grown person— not because of her boyfriends but because of her own decisions and help from the people who love her. 

After-all, we are whatever we make of ourselves!

Over the course of six seasons, Alexis has inspired me to be more adventurous, embrace my personal style, and be more vocal about what I want. I’ve got to mention Annie Murphy here, because I couldn’t imagine a more suitable Alexis than her. Murphy’s portrayal of Alexis was described as a vaudeville interpretation of what a spoiled rich girl would sound like, which IMO is perfect. I have never laughed  so much for TV until her audition scene, where she performs ‘A little bit Alexis’.

Please watch the video below and judge for yourself…

Moira Rose’s comments after her performance outwits everything,

Moira: So what do we think?

Jocelyn: Well, there is a place for her somewhere.

Moira: On stage?!

Jocelyn: No! Moira, I saw your talent, and I thought, well, the apple can’t fall far from the tree.

Moira: Different orchard, Jocelyn. Though I do admire the confidence.

You may hear the full song in my September-2020 curated playlist here.


Annie Murphy is nominated for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series’ in Primetime Emmy Awards-2020 and she totally deserved to win it. 

Team TeeKay is already rooting for her, Et tu? 

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