Sucker-Jonas brothers

Any Disney Channel fans here? If yes, then you’re no stranger to the Jonas Brothers.

The biggest question every fan would ask is “Which is your favourite Jonas brother?” Mine was Joe, back then, then I switched to Nick when he launched his solo career and now I’m shocked at Kevin’s transformation after becoming a father. It kinda pretty much summarises my developed taste in men😂😂😂 Nevertheless, I was obsessed by their music throughout my 20s.

So, when I heard they’ve got back together after their 6 years long hiatus, I was excited to hear their new music. And then they released Sucker!!

“Sucker” was a perfect comeback song for them, exploring the fact that they’ve now grown, got married and turned into these amazing family men, we all adore. Their relationships with their partners was perfectly described and the cameos of their wives did add up to the song’s popularity. Also, it didn’t hurt to have a catchy tune to croon. 

I’ve been dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars

I follow you through the dark, can’t get enough

You’re the medicine and the pain, the tattoo inside my brain

And, baby, you know it’s obvious

I’m a sucker for you…..

But…… after hearing it for around 20 times a days, at one point it became irritating. The experimentation with playful whistles, acoustic snaps, and claps did add a lightheartedness to the track, but I wish they’d go less with the high tone. Their occasional falsetto jumps, which I originally enjoyed in songs like “Burning Up” and “Paranoid” , didn’t quite appeal to me here. It was nostalgic but not perfectly done. 

Compared to the lyrics from the modern-pop era, I felt Sucker was more simplistic. We understand you’re swooning over your women, but could you please be more linguistic. Also, do you really have to get your wives to endorse every other video you make. Hey, I’m all for supporting your spouse, but overdoing it kills the buzz for the viewers.

I didn’t enjoy this song as much as I liked other songs in their album. I really enjoyed “Rollercoster” and “I Believe” more than “Sucker”. Let’s just say I wasn’t a sucker for this song!

If you like this song more than I did, please click the icon below to hear it.

And if you heard it and also didn’t enjoy it, please like and comment below- why you’re not sucked into ‘Sucker’?😝


‘Sucker’ didn’t stick with me for long, but I truly enjoyed listening to the Jonas Brothers music over the years. Which is your favourite Jonas brother song of all time? Let me know if I should review it next. You may submit your song recommendations here.


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