RIP King

With the tragedies amassing this year, We once again lost a Legend!

Today’s post is dedicated to Chadwick Boseman. A true gentlemen and fantastic actor, Chadwick was a King, in all its glory. He never let his battle with cancer eclipse his flawless performances. 

Never been a Marvel fan, but as a newly subscribed Disney+ member during this quarantine, I forced myself to give this fandom a chance and completed this penultimate series of movies in a week. Like every other fan, I fell in love with these amazing characters, did participate in fan theories online and even fantasied over Captain America’s physique (BTW, is he even real?) 

But Chadwick’s character of the Black panther will always hold a special place in my heart! His first shot at the Accords, with the silent chantings of Wakanda behind him, gives me chills every time I revisit. His embodiment of the King T’Challa, mourning the lost of his dead Baba, his realisation that being a King means greater responsibilities, his sheltering his “enemy”, his battle against Thanos and the very hair-rising chant- Yibambe!!!! He even forced the Oscars to turn their heads towards Marvel and acknowledge their efforts to create such ‘Marvel’ous movies!!!

Oh God, I’ll miss them all.

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” – Max Holloway

I don’t know what Marvel will do following the loss of this amazing performer, but Black Panther would never be the same without Chadwick Boseman. He is, was and will forever be our King!


My blog is slowly turning into eulogies for people. Dear 2020, please don’t kill anyone more.


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