In the End-Linkin Park (Mellen Gi Remix)

Today, I bring to you everyone’s Classic favourite!

I, first got introduced to this song in 8th grade, during our Annual Sports Day, while patiently waiting for Blue House to score points in relay race. Cheering for my fellow housemates from our school’s makeshift bleachers, I heard a senior girl screaming at her friend, 

“OHH MY GAAWD, HoW come you’ve not HEARD this song?” 

Her scrawny friend was like, “I’m more into Backstreet Boys, I SO love Nick” (Children, this is Nick Carter. This is the Nick, whose polaroids the millennials carried in their notebooks; until Nick Jonas came tramping in 2000s. God, I miss the 90s!🙄)

“Anyways, you GOT to hear this Song, It’s SO my life right nowww!!!

As I was overhearing these girls, I turned around to ask, “What’s the song?” She showed me a front page interview of Linking Park on Bombay Times, saying, “In the End!! You need to hear it, it’s very popular”

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

Must say, even after 20 damn years, this song is still the youth anthem! The very first note of this song jolts a torturous, nostagic, exhilaration vibrating through all four chambers of your melted heart! Hear this and I dare you to tell me I’m wrong…

Linkin Park songs have always been an ostentatious icebreaker during every 90s kids scholastic years. Their fantastic lyrics are still recited through the hallways, whenever a kid gets his/her test score cards (just kidding! 😂)

Anyhoo, listen to this Mellen Gi remix version of “In the End” by Linking Park with mesmerising vocals by Fleurie. Alternating the original soundtrack can be a risky affair and especially if not done correctly, can remind you of a squealing cockatoo. But Mellen Gi’s version interlaced with Fleurie’s voice truly cuts the deal.

Get ready to indulge in the sultry, mysterious version of your childhood favourite song…


Listen to this song while staring out your window on a cloudy, dark day. I’m sure to will hit you HARD!


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