Desire – Years and Years

                          Loves me, loves me not, Loves me, loves me not-The number of destroyed rose petals in this foolish indulgence of a dilemmatic heart can vouch for the turmoil between repercussions and reasoning.

But can their be a genuine explanation for an individual’s feeling?🤔

                          According to the scientists, they are the synchronous efforts of the chemical substances and molecules, wiring the circuits of our brains. Yes, agreed; but still the theory stands biased when it comes down to experiences.

                          Recently, I saw a Disney production-‘Inside Out’. Aesthetically creative with a strong storyline, it summarizes the Human Feelings in five distinct characters-Happy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. But what it deliberately omitted were the complex feelings such as Love, Hate and everything tangled in between them. Definitely, two hours wouldn’t suffice to cover topics of that stature!

Whilst we are able to distinguish our feelings, owning it up is another story.🙄

                          ‘Desire’ by a British trio band ‘Years and Years’ is lyrically a clever allegory depicting the battle between-Having feelings and Acknowledging them. Here, Olly describes his relationship with his lover figuratively oscillating between Desire and Love. Even though he loves that person, he doesn’t want to deal with the emotional connection involved in that feeling. Instead he settles for a depreciating feeling; his desires for the person which in turn, helps him in disguising his actual feelings.😑

Is it desire
Or is it love that I’m feeling for you
I want desire
Cause your love only gets me abused

                            What attracted me towards the song is the upbeat, cheering music which shrewdly hides the pain and remorse of the singer in the song. ‘Years and Years’ are known for the ‘Deep housed’ songs filled with equally mystical and rollicking music.

                           I have, so far, heard three different versions of this song. I know it’s a little too much to alter the beauty of the original masterpiece itself, but I am not particularly complaining about it.

Thus, introducing Desire by ‘Years and Years’-

  1. The original score written and performed by the band. Currently, not available on YouTube, I wonder why?😲

2. The remix made for the movie-We are your Friends by Gryffin. Yes, it’s that Zac Efron movie about deejaying.☺️

3. A more recent remix created again by the band, but this time with vocals by Tove Lo (Another incredible singer about whom I’ll be writing soon❤️)

Do let me know, in the comments below which one was your favorite version.

I’m still debating between the Gryffin remix and the Tove Lo vocals.🤔


The TeeKay Take:

Its best to listen to this song when your are alone and contemplating your feelings over someone or just get drunk and listen… Both would get you ecstatic about it.😆😁


  1. its pretty interesting how you blend wants and science together. We would really like your opinion on a few of the stories we have at Gastradamus. When you can please let us know what you think. We’ve got topics about SeaWorld, Abe Lincoln and African Americans. Would really like to know what you think

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    1. First of all, Extremely sorry for this late reply…
      Secondly, Thank you for these kind words… It means the world to me😊
      The appreciation I receive for my work encourages me a lot to continue writing… Lately, I haven’t been active at this space, But I promise to check your site as soon as possible…
      Hope to see you again here!
      Best Wishes,

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      1. No problem Teakay, we are just glad you made it over to our blog, if you have the chance be sure to comment on Hooters favors implants, it’s viewed as our best story. The Black Whopper is also an interesting one.

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